July 2, 2012

An iconic Cartier watch, inspired by a war machine


Cartier’s latest design is a modified version of the most iconic watch of the house, Tank. The newest version, Anglaise,  is the third model to be attributed to a particular region, following the Americaine and Tank Francaise.

The Anglaise is bulkier than the other two, has a crown that is integrated into the signature, and features Roman numerals. This watch will be available in three different sizes, in both men and women’s pieces, made from different types of gold: white, yellow and pink.

Apart from being an extraordinary watch, Cartier Tank Anglaise is actually a piece of history. First Tank wristwatch was created in 1917, during the First World War.

Louis Cartier was inspired by the tough war machine the Americans designed to fight with Europe, the tank.  After that, Cartier created a world of watches with simple design, but with unexpected details. Tank Folle, Tank Citrée, Tank Chinoise, Tank Americaine. Gary Cooper, Ingrid Bergman, Alain Delon and Andy Warhol are just some of the celebrities that own a Tank.

With the release o Tank Anglaise, Cartier released also a 70-secondvideo called “Never Stop Tank”, that showcases the Tank watch model alongside the evolution of the arts.


Photos: Cartier Pr Office