June 12, 2012

An aphrodisiac body powder

Lush Cosmetics seems to love the jasmine flowers and one of the most interesting products with jasmine  is a perfumed body powder.

Silky Underwear, as its name suggests, is as smooth as silk, and it is perfect for summer days, when skin sweats. Not only that it diminishes the feeling of a wet skin, but it also covers your body in a very pleasant scent. It is actually a good replacement for body perfumes in the summer.

Silky Underwear body powder, Lush, 11 $

The powder contains cocoa butter, which moisturizes and makes your skin soft, and has a mesmerizing scent, of jasmine and vetiver.

Jasmine is known for its relaxing properties. This flower is supposed to remove stress and tension, and has aphrodisiac properties. Indians discovered these peculiarities long time ago, and since then they use jasmine to improve their libido.


Photos:  plitkar.com.ua