November 4, 2013

Amazon wants to conquer luxury fashion and has already built it a temple!

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The American fashion market – all three irresistible categories: apparel, accessories and footwear – have last year generated sales in excess of USD 370 billion. A gigantic industry, with a growth becoming slower still impossible to imagine, as economists and us, the ones responsible for oiling its mechanisms, can equally guarantee.

But there is one more thing we can absolutely bet on. And that is that it’s not just us constantly sensitive to fashion’s trends, but also another undisputable giant – this time of online retail – Amazon., under the inspirational leadership of Jeff Bezos, wants nothing less than the website – so far – famous and profitable for its unparalleled selection of books, movies and music become our number one destination for fashion’s most luxurious brands shopping.

In order to pull this breakthrough off, including fulfilling analysts’ prophecies that it could turn fashion into its foremost business over the following five years, Amazon still has one more great challenge to overcome. Reshaping its profile so that it’s able to persuade the most exclusive of fashion houses they want to be stocked at, as well as the clients of this market segment that they can get, from the same place, both the latest designer autobiography and the dress they saw on the catwalk.

Boasting investments such as the opening of an impressive photo and video studio in New York – where, as just one of the wow factors, they can make 19 000 ultra-professional images a day-, the garnering of the expertise and experience of people like Barneys former Fashion Director Julie Gilhart and advertisements in Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar, we can bet Amazon has its plan of luring in fashion’s capitals down to smart perfection!

And until then, until finding Jean Paul Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood la, we can always patiently wait with an exceptional album – from the current offer – by our side!

Valentino. Themes and variations Pamela Golbin

Valentino. Themes and variations by Pamela Golbin, with a foreword by Valentino Garavani, USD 50.03 at Amazon


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Photos: Amazon