May 12, 2011

All we need is shoes! John Galliano shoes.

Sometimes I wonder if men don’t have a bigger apetite for shoes than women. I really do, as half of the men i know get crazy inside a shoes shop (and i totally understand them ), but don’t really show huge sings of excitement in front of a huge shelf with the latest, coolest clothes (who can understand men??? ).
Reason for which I have selected for you la creme de la creme of the men shoes collections.

You are about to find above a preview of the hottest mens shoes collection, which will be on the market in the fall/winter 2011-2012 season!

From the classic elegant to the funky chic, men get really lucky in autumn, as the offer of styles is as vast as the our Black Sea 🙂 and it’s signed by no one else than JOHN GALLIANO Fashion House.
Excellent materials, stylish cuts, diverse designs, fine details – everything a fashion consumer needs to be in vogue in a few months.

John Galliano PR office was kind enough to send me these lovely pictures (Thank you very much!), so you guys enjoy the “presentation”.

Classic elegance


Nonchalant style

 this Gavroche design. They seem to be so soft, yet resistant with that thick sole.

Sporty chic

Belive it or not, I just found the perfect sneakers for me! These shoes are just wonderful!
Love the funny little Galliano cartoon and I will certainly buy them the minute they will be available in shops. White? Yellow? I cannot decide, which means that both pairs will have room in my closet.
Modesty/ non-modesty, they will definetely look good on me and I would look good with them.

Daredevil colors