April 12, 2012

Pure alchemy: gold transformed in precious stones

Gold is no longer what it once was. Tired to export the precious metal in other countries and then export it, processed at much higher prices, Columbians invented a unique method of processing gold that will enhance their economy. They developed a technique for color-tinting the precious metal to make it look like sapphires, rubies or emeralds.

This is possible due to a thermal chemical process that involves mixing 24-karat gold with reactive metals, in a ratio of four to one. This not only that offers various possibilities for the jewelry market, but is will also rise the price of the colorful metal by up to 5%.

Eladio Rey, a local jewelry manufacturer says that this transformation is without a doubt attractive both for merchants and for customers, not only because of diversity of color, but because in this way gold increases its quality.

Colombia, Peru and Mexico are the largest gold suppliers for Latin America. Last year, Columbia has extracted 56 tons of the precious metal from its mines, representing a 4 percent increase over the previous year.

 Photos: inojewellery.com, magxone.com