April 22, 2016

Alexandra Calafeteanu F/W 2016-2017 – the utter fascination of white

’’I’ve always chosen a classicism blended with new elements, I think, a style that is refined, wearable, yet always bold.’’ explains Romanian designer Alexandra Calafeteanu – a stylistic creed strongly influenced by her passion for plastic arts.

As far as her most recent collection is concerned, Reborn fall/winter 2016-2017, the designer, as well as the set itself, puts more emphasis on the personality of the woman she is designing for. ’’I strongly believe that outfits are the visual expression of how we want to be perceived. I am a believer in comfortable elegance! What I want to get across through my collections is that I design looks that don’t constrain, don’t confine the woman, but rather set her free from any kind of template and provide her with the wardrobe support that allows her to make a declaration of personality.’’

And, indeed, the all white collection shown in front of 300 guests at Bucharest’s Le Chateau Ballroom, put forward a refined carte blanche for the full use of the character, emotions and will of every woman that is going to done her designs.

Alexandra Calafeteanu F/W 2016-2017

Faced with the total lack of print and – through the exclusive use of white – virtually any play of shade or colour, the spectacular of the pieces was left to shape and texture.

The cut of the pieces has been both austere and daring. The contained, minimalistic character of the designs has been made obvious by the choice of angular lines and shapes, while the cutting out of the pieces, oftentimes revealing cleavages, making tops or dresses backless or slashing the fabric of a floor-length A-line skirt, reinforced its opposite, the bold side of the collection.

The materials used – silk, tulle, wool and neoprene – have made their own contributions to the optic white sparkle of the ready-to-wear – for instance, silk through its intrinsic luminosity and neoprene through a checkered texturing achieved through rhomboidal white on white stitching.

With respect to accessories – oversized jewelry provided by Viennese jeweler FREYWILLE – they came to dot accents of symbolism and color onto the collection’s serene white.

A classicist set through rigour and balance, exercising, nonetheless, a powerful, fascinating visual impact.

Alexandra Calafeteanu F/W 2016-2017



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Photos: Alexandra Calafeteanu