July 9, 2013

Minimalist Elegance – Alexander Wang’s Objects No.3 Collection Of Lifestyle Accessories

Objects No.3 by Alexander Wang

My taste for interior decoration has always veered towards sophisticated extravagance, but with each launch of an Objects by Alexander Wang collection, I feel myself slowly being drawn, almost converted, to a minimalist aesthetic.

With its simple, elegant shapes and a chromatic palette limited to deep shades of black and charcoal grey, with just a subtle touch of gold, the third lifestyle accessories collection signed by Alexander Wang, redefines the idea of refinement, translating it into chic minimalism.

Candle holders, playing card decks, notebooks, coaster sets and bottle openers join a set of quirky pieces, such as boxing gloves in supple black leather and a jump rope featuring golden handles.


Want to know the vision that the Objects No. 3 collection by Alexander Wang inspires within my imagination? A minimalist all black & white party, held right by the side of a fabulous pool. 100% refinement.

Let yourself be seduced by the ultra-elegant minimalist style of the Objects No.3 by Alexander Wang collection, available exclusively in Alexander Wang stores, as well as online, through alexanderwang.com


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Photos courtesy of: alexanderwang.com