October 31, 2013

Alberto Moretti, Milan Fashion Week’s best kept secret

Janina Nectara Alberto Moretti shoes

In the midst of Milan Fashion Week’s teeming buzz – runway shows, cocktails, launches and premieres – there are also chic private events, where those invited are served a glass of champagne and a big slice of haute-design in an almost intimate setting, where you get to enter the creator’s and his creations’ enchanted universe.

So it was also at the Alberto Moretti spring-summer 2014 collection showcase. The finely cut shoes carefully dotting the lavishly decorated Moretti boutique seemed to purposefully accessorise the event’s decor, but also to offer renewed testimony about the designer’s ’’velvet style’’ aesthetic.

Alberto Moretti is the author of the first ever velvet shoe and world recognised for the balance his shoes manage to strike between the distinct freshness of avant-garde lines and a revered feminine fluidity of shape. So there is little wonder about why he is equally loved by Cameron Diaz, Elle Macpherson and, for his masculine line, by Ryan Goslin, Morgan Freeman and Elton John, or about the why of his fame spanning from Barneys New York all the way to Moscow or Dubai. Just as there is little wonder about how the launch of Alberto Moretti’s summer collection was just as spectacular as a show with all the pomp of a podium, and just as much wonder as there is around each fantastic Moretti shoe.

Alberto Moretti SS14

Eva Chen Alberto Moretti Anna Wintour

Eva Chen and Anna Wintour framing Alberto Moretti

Janina Nectara Alberto Moretti Shoes

A&M? How cool are the shoes that Alberto Moretti is wearing… Need a pair of J&N right away!!!

Alberto Moretti SS14

Alberto Moretti SS14

Alberto Moretti SS14

Alberto Moretti SS14

Alberto Moretti superstar – Elle MacPherson wearing Moretti, Elton John, Morgan Freeman, Ryan Gosling at the Golden Globes with Alberto Moretti shoes and the Moretti customized shoe worn by Lady Gaga at the launch of her fragrance, Fame!

Elle MacPherson Alberto Moretti

Elton John Alberto Moretti

Morgan Freeman Alberto Moretti

Ryan Gosling Alberto MorettiLady Gaga Alberto Moretti

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Photos: Alberto Moretti