November 9, 2012

Aging Makeup Mistakes

The ideal makeup should highlight your best features, not be a mask for your face, so be careful what makeup techniques you use, to avoid hiding your face under a layer of products that will only end up making you look older than you are. Here are some of the most common aging makeup mistakes that can make you look even ten years older:

Caked on foundation

Even if you wish to conceal a couple of imperfections, never hide your face under a thick layer of foundation. Try instead a light version of foundation or a coloured cream, for a more natural effect. Imperfections may be camouflaged with a drop of concealer, but never abuse this one as well, or you’ll end up highlighting what you aim to hide.

Foundation that is too light

You already know that it’s a huge faux pas to choose a foundation that is too dark in comparison to your natural skin tone, but going the opposite direction is just as bad. A foundation that is too light will make you look pale and sickly. For a perfect match with your skin, try blending together two or more colours of foundation.

Excess concealer

When fighting against the pesky dark circles, you might find yourself tempted to use as much concealer as possible, but be careful: a thick layer of makeup will make you look even more tired and strung out. Use a special brush to apply the concealer as smooth as possible, and only apply it over dark circles, not under the entire eye area.

Excess powder

Using powder is a great way to fixate and finish a makeup, but used excessively, it can make you look up to ten years older. Use it with moderation, even in translucent formulas, and avoid ever using it on the eye area.

Unfinished lips

To get the perfect lips, use a contouring pencil before applying colour and then, a brush to apply lipstick. The contouring pencil is an absolute MUST for women over 50, to avoid the lipstick from migrating into the fine lines near the lips.

Excess glitter

Glittery makeup is a definite DON’T for women over 40, given that it accentuates wrinkles. However, even if you haven’t yet reached that age, never go overboard with glitter. A sparkling eyeshadow or blush is best left for the evening. For a daytime makeup, limit yourself to matte formulas, and you’ll end up looking young and fresh.

Incorrectly chosen blush

Don’t be afraid of colour. The perfect blush can make you look fresh even when you’re tired. The secret is finding the perfect shade, according to your skin tone. If you have a warm skin tone, choose a peach or coral one, while if your skin has cool tone, go for a baby pink or raspberry one.

Overly plucked eyebrows

Eyebrows can to wonders when it comes o framing the face, so you should always take good care of them. Never pluck them too much, until they become a couple of fine lines, and never fill them in with a pencil that is too dark, or you’ll end up looking just like an old lady.

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