December 11, 2012

Add Some Sparkle With Diamond Dust-Infused Nail Polishes By Étoile

Every girl needs a bit of glamour in her life, be it in the form of a special piece of jewelry, a pair of fabulous shoes that make you feel super-feminine or maybe a cashmere sweater that gently caresses your skin – and now, you have a new subtle and elegant way to feel precious every day – with the diamond dust-infused nail polishes by Étoile.

Inspired by her desire to transform the simple and mundane thing that is a manicure into something that can be savoured, Erin Faber, the founder of the Étoile brand, dreamed up a line of nail polishes infused with actual diamond dust. Whether you pair the wonderful colours of the Étoile polishes with a fabulous engagement ring, a cocktail dress for the New Year’s party that’s just as sparkling, or even your day-to-day outfit, this will be your new little glamorous secret.

Get your own diamond-infused nail polish by Étoile right here, for the price of €14.

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