March 12, 2014

About jewellery and (almost) perfect beauty, on national TV

Each time I get together with the team of Observator Special, Antena 1’s primetime magazine show, it’s a great pleasure. Even more so as the subjects we tackle tend to be the kind that well up deep passions inside many of us… In the most recent edition we talked about one of my biggest soft spots – jewellery – and about how, depending on the shape of our face, such an accessory can bring out the best of our features.

Here is the jewellery beauty tutorial explained and illustrated! And about beauty, fashion and fashion avec passion we’ll continue talking on Antena 1’s evening special every Friday, 8 PM, at Observator Special…

A woman can never have too many accessories. Yet, no matter how much she loves earrings, bracelets, necklaces or rings, she needs to know how to choose them so that they will best highlight her beauty.

Janina, tell us what kind of accessories should we wear when we have a rather square or rectangular face.

This sharper face form is very much flattered by rounded jewellery. That is why if we wear hoop earrings, they smoothen out the more angular features of the face. With respect to necklaces, this style, rounded and tight around the neck, is the best as this type of jewellery will come in and give a softer, sweeter look.

More complicated than a squarer face seems to be when you have a fairly triangle shaped face. What accessories do you wear then?

There’s nothing easier than balancing out a more prominent jaw line. We just have to use a pair of earrings with more volume at their base and then getting increasingly narrow towards their tip. Another option are these longer earrings, the leaner the better, but what is really important about them is their length, specifically for better framing the features.

A very common shape is that of a round face. What do we wear then?

For providing this face type with a more graphic allure, we need this type of architectural jewellery, with straight lines and angles, just to break down the roundness of the face. Also very flattering is this type of necklace, extremely long, for lending a slimmer, leaner effect.

How complicated is it to wear accessories when you have a heart shaped face?

When we don’t have a well defined jaw, we must help by adding volume. This type of earring is much more consistent at its lower end, perfect for a heart shaped face. And if the earrings bring volume to the lower jaw line, the necklace must also contribute by drawing attention to the neckline. This is a very good example.

Taking cue of what we’ve learnt so far, I imagine that the luckiest women are those with an oval face.

The oval face is lucky indeed, as it is highlighted by virtually anything. That is why those with this type of shape should experiment as much as possible with various sizes and shapes. These oversized teardrop earrings are exquisite for an oval face.

So, if you have an oval face you can wear any type of earrings. But how about necklaces?

Here we also have rules, but this time not of face shape, but of height. Of course, there are no absolute must nots. For instance, this big, not very structured necklace is perfect for someone with an oval face. And if shape-wise there are no restrictions, when it comes to size, we can’t say the same, as for someone who is petite, choices should be toned down towards simpler, smaller models.

Still, no matter how much you love jewellery, especially bright and oversized, try not to crowd in the look with more than a pair of earrings or a necklace. Jewels must subtly give contour to the face, not overshadow it.

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