May 4, 2015

Angela Merkel’s politically correct style

According to Forbes, Angela Merkel is the most powerful woman.

Also, she is being seen as the de facto leader of the European Union and is set to become the female head of government with the longest tenure in history (by surpassing Margaret Thatcher’s 11 years, in 2017). Additionally, with the background of a profession in physical chemistry scientific research and a prodigious political career – the German Chancellor having held prior to 2005 various parliamentary and governmental offices -, she has built what could be called the typical profile of a high calibre politician through and through. A politically correct profile.

Angela Merkel fashion style

Politically correct as are the look or international resonance of stateliness of the German leader, who has shaped a very well-defined image. So well-defined, in fact, that it resembles a uniform. Still, not even Angela Merkel, coming from a fairly conservative country is not able to stay completely conservative when it comes to colours. In her very German style, she has established a highly efficient wardrobe equation. The cut stays constant, while the variable in this visual exercise is color. Pink, red, orange, green – in varying shades and tones – are not lacking from her wardrobe. And nor are beige or white – regardless of her fuller figure.

This as, no matter the linear character of the style stripped down to the essential of her outfits: a pantsuit paired with wedge or low heel shoes and invariably accessorised with a low key necklace, the leader of the government in Berlin is often the most vividly coloured presence at world leaders’ meetings, be they men or women.

This means that as much as the cuts of her three, occasionally four button jacket are conservative, the manner it embraces virtually every shade and tone is very much liberal. An approach, probably, recomended within her collaboration (having started at the same time with her taking office as Chancellor) with Hamburg designer Bettina Schoenbach. A partnership equally discreet as the personality of the world-scope leader. And one that has been most closely explored in (just) one article in The Wall Street Journal.

The topic of Angela Merkel’s style is dealt with the same degree of sobriety as she is an impersonation of. The BBC, for instance, has gone for a comparative view on Angela Merkel and Margaret Thatcher. The already famous Pantone Merkel has for author a Dutch graphic designer and belongs to a wider satirical project called “The Spectacle of the Tragedy” and focusing on the Eurozone crisis.

While the fashion design expertise has come from the most authoritative voice of them all: Karl Lagerfeld, the German-born fashion designer and Chanel Creative Director, who narrowed down his appraisal to characterising the Chancellor’s style as being ’’OK’’ and arguing that the trousers she has been seen wearing during a White House visit were ’’too long’’. He then closed the argument by acknowledging that Merkel ‘’doesn’t want advice’’ on this matter.

A ’’German style’’ opinion, equally German with Angela Merkel’s clothing and leadership styles. One that values precision and efficiency above all else – one that is politically correct, without being realpolitik.


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