April 19, 2013

A weekend dressed to impress. Sounds uncomfortable? Well it’s, in fact, just fabulous!

Patrizia Pepe

The weekend is a mere hours away, the sun is here, and Patrizia Pepe has a few exceptionally down-to-earth and super stylish suggestions, just ready to pull on in a dash and be out the door, sunglasses on, into the spring Saturdays and Sundays just like we know them to be – absolutely fabulous.

One of the t-shirts loud with bold graffiti or maybe a sporty sweater with shorts and heels and you’re glammed up to go! Ready for an informal day out, an evening at the cinema or, even better, a photo shoot.

[nggallery id=421]

Choose your ultracasual tops from Patrizia Pepe and find them at Flannels and Zalando.


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Photo source: Patrizia Pepe