November 3, 2011

A Visit to the Zuhair Murad’s Ateliers in Lebanon

We’ve been dazzled numberless times seeing Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Kylie Minogue, Beyoncè, Vanessa Williams in the FASHION MAGAZINES.

Time and time again, we’ve noticed that the glamorous aura surrounding them on the red carpet had a common denominator.

And we don’t refer here to any intangible inherent qualities usually thought of as charisma, charm or magnetism (although they definitely don’t have any shortage in that direction either), but to something or rather someone as tangible as he can be, going by the name of ZUHAIR MURAD.

In the capital of Lebanon, Zuhair Murad’s name has succeeded in record time in crossing the Middle East borders, naturally sticking to the lips of fashion consumers all over the world. Because the ultra feminine approaches doubled by elaborate fabrics and strict techniques of silhouette shaping have closely worked together to create him a stylistic touch highly salient for the sophistication he confers on his designs.

I have come to know his collections closer at the fashion shows in Paris and then, when visiting his shop on Rue François Ier – the street hosting the most selected shops in the world – where sumptuous but fresh designs talkedme into becoming Zuhair Murad’s client.

When I traveled to Lebanon for holiday, I visited his headquarters and ateliers located in an impressive black building in the centre of Beirut. The endless humming of the busy bees which were sewing and wrapping and carrying and tailoring on the first floors was at odds with the sophisticated air populating the upper floors where high societyCinderellas (and not only) were ordering gowns “sur mesure” to befit real divas since princesses have long left the fashion stage

In the showroom decked just like the one in Paris, a lady, her head covered by a fancy designer scarf and wearing aChanel bag on her shoulder, was advising her daughter as to which model to choose from among those exhibited on dummies. A table away, three Asian girls were enjoying their steamy coffees. They had flown a couple of times around 9,000 kilometers each, all the way from the Philippines only to try on the bridal gown of their life dreams.

And since his clothes stir up passions impossible to put out despite unbearably long distances, it means that the fascination breathed by Zuhair Murad’s designs is indeed something worth being closely looked into.

Zuhair Murad accepted to give me an interview, published in Tabu Magazine –

The complete dialog can be reached in the next article.

Sorting invitations for the Haute Couture season. Murad’s invite is among the most elegant i usually receive.

“Madame Janina Nectara” – love the way it sounds 🙂 – is delighted to attend the show.

Backstage, after the show: Zuhair Murad & Janina Nectara

Special guests

Zuhair Murad shop from Rue Francois 1er – a very posh, highly desirable shopping location in Paris

Elegant interior of the shop

Clients are carefully treated with sweets, smiles and, most important, high end fashion

Stunning sequins gowns! So J.LO!…

And all these would go with this metallic clutch adorned with crystal flowers. The final touch for a great outfit!