October 29, 2012

A trustful friend: nude lipstick

Nude lipsticks look well almost on anybody, if you know which one to pick. Jeanine Lobell, makeup artist, suggests we should think about nude lipstick the same way we think about our foundation: “To get the right color, consider your skin color, hair color, even eye color. For someone with a fairer complexion, a nude that’s too beige will appear yellow; instead, pick a nude that’s in the pale pink family.”

For medium tones, she advises to use deeper beige to rose nude. Girls with olive skin can consider themselves lucky, because they look good with almost any nude shade.

Do you have dark skin? Opt for a rich, gold-brown lipstick, it’s just right for you.

If you want the truest shade of the lipstick to shine through, you can neutralize your own lip color first, by applying a tinted moisturizer or foundation. As a general rule, try to choose a nude lipstick that is within two shades of your natural lip color. This will make choices much easier for you.

Keeping your lips hydrated is vital, because the light color will accentuate any dryness. To avoid this, applying a balm on your lips a few minutes before.

Chanel Aqualumiere Lipstick, No.69 Jamaica, $33, produsecosmetice.net

 Dior Lipstick, Nr. 06 Diorama, $35, strawberrynet.com

Bobbi Brown Lipstick, $27 , strawberrynet.com

Calvin Klein Delicious Fusion Moisturizing Lip Color, 309 Naked Beige, $15, produsecosmetice.net

Benefit Full Finish Lipstick , La La Land, $18, produsecosmetice.net

 Maniac Mat Sephora Lipstick, $14, Sephora

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Photos: nanopress.it