June 4, 2012

Candy, from Prada, a fragrance that drives men crazy

Most of my friends love the Candy from Prada fragrance, and men are usually crazy about gourmet flavors. It’s no wonder, if we think that vanilla and musk scents are aphrodisiacs. Even the video of the fragrance talks about how this perfume can make men dance exactly how women dictate.

And Candy is, as the name suggests, a strong flavored caramel fragrance, with white musk and an overdose of Benzoin (the resins extracted from benzoic tree, with sweet, warm notes, similar to vanilla).

You will certainly be seduced if you like oriental, sweet, feminine fragrances. But you shouldn’t think about Candy as to a subtle feminine fragrance that ‘whispers’, but rather as a scent that ‘screams’.

Occasionally, a dose of sweets can raise your serotonin levels and make your life sweeter too.


Price:  75€/50 ml.


Photos: kitty-awww.blog.cz