November 23, 2012

A smart eyeliner, perfect for daytime, from Clarins

Eyeliner is a brilliant invention, but Clarins has made it even hotter, by creating a liquid eyeliner pen with not one, but three points. The whole trick about this is to help you draw very fine dots all along your lash line, creating the illusion of much thicker lashes.


Clarins 3 Dot Liquid Liner is perfect if you want to wear a subtle makeup in the daytime, because you can use it just to make your lashes look full, with or without adding mascara. All you have to do is fill in the spaces between each lash, dot-by-dot, to accentuate eyes and add volume to lashes.


The advantage comes from the fact that it doesn’t give the heavy result of regular eyeliner, but instead offers you precision control for a flawless effect. This doesn’t mean that if you want a thicker line you cannot obtain it. You can play with it as much as with any other eyeliner, to create any kind of lines, from very subtle, to long, architectural ones.