April 24, 2012

A refreshing shock therapy

If spring fatigue tends to catch you these days it wouldn’t be a bad idea to stay outdoors as much, to eat more vegetables and exercise a bit.

You can also try a quick energizing therapy called Ice & Fire. Her name is hardly chosen randomly; during the therapy the switch from hot to cold is very sudden. You will be exfoliated with black soap, then you will stay in dry sauna until your body heats up very well, then you will be spoiled with a massage with ice all over.

It is a very refreshing and beneficial process for the whole body and it detoxifies the entire body. You can try it at Orhideea Spa, it costs 27 €.

Photos: joe.ie, daydreammassagecenter.com, welcaremedspa.com, maradiva.com, smartmoney.com