January 3, 2014

Dior’s guide to your perfect smokey eye!

Janina Nectara, Fashion Avec Passion , Dior Makeup

I’ve told you before about my total lack of skill when it comes to the delicate art of applying makeup, about my confidence in Dior products and about the utter awe and admiration I feel for Yadim, the French house’s makeup artist.

Well, these previous days, all worked up over festive preparations – to be read dresses and, fatally, makeup – I once more put into motion the virtuous circle. I first told myself: Cheer up, just anyone can do a smokey eye! But looking at the wonderful yet dangerous in my hands deep noir podium of the Diorshow Art Pen I had to concede: Everyone but me. So I ran for advice and comfort to what and who it is that I always run to: my  basic Dior solutions and to Yadim’s modern classic smokey eye tutorial.

This is how I’ve once more started training my hand do the firm and bold strokes that make a podium look. And, yes, it’s also great that I still have a few days to practice. But I’m just sure you’ll have it down spectacular from your very first go!

Janina Nectara, Fashion Avec Passion , Dior, Beauty, Makeup

Janina Nectara Fashion Avec Passion, dior, makeup

Janina Nectara, dior, makeup, FashionAvecPassionDiorskin Nude Dior Sephora

Diorskin Nude, EUR 42.7 at Sephora

Diorskin NudeDiorskin Nude Poudre Compacte, EUR 49.5 at Sephora


Diorblush, EUR 39.5 at Sephora

Dior Skinflash Sephora

Dior Skinflash 002, EUR 33.5 at Sephora

Diorshow Art Pen Dior Sephora

Diorshow Art Pen, EUR 31 at Sephora

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Dior Sephora

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl, EUR 28.9 at Sephora

Rouge Dior 999 Sephora

Rouge Dior 999, EUR 31.9 at Sephora

PS: I used a different shade of lipstick, just because I have a little obsession for red, but if you’d rather  have the lighter version of the makeup, then try the Grège color. 🙂

Rouge Dior Grège Sephora

Rouge Dior Grège, EUR 30.9 at Sephora


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