March 27, 2012

A permanent hair removal method may use a drug for eye infections

Removing hair permanently may soon have serious competition on the market. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania discovered that a drug widely used to treat eye infections, helps stop the hair growth if it is incorporated into a gel.

Studies were performed on men, specifically on their beard. They had to put the product on their face and for six weeks they didn’t need to shave. The results were unsatisfactory when using 1% of the drug in the composition of the cream, but a concentration of 3% has proven effective in stopping hair growth.

The right concentration has a great importance, because a large amount of this substance can cause side effects such as nausea, headache or fever. It is therefore needed for the researches to continue until we may be able to use this product to easily get rid of the hair, but apparently studies are on the right track.