June 6, 2013

A new cult collection from Montegrappa. Batman pen, wristwatch and cufflinks

Montegrappa Batman limited edition

It was with Montegrappa pens that Ernest Hemingway used to write his correspondence during the First World War. It is a historically accurate fact, just as real as the quality, precision and originality of – today – Montegrappa’s writing instruments, watches and cufflinks. Where the Italian artisans’ artistic mastery steps in once more, is when it comes to the coordination of their fine creations’ characteristics with great names and personalities. Salvador Dalí, Elvis Prestley, Bruce Lee, Yuri Gagarin, Franck Sinatra and, altogether extraordinarily, Batman.

The limited edition dedicated to the hero mimics the dark grey hue of his legendary costume and has carved into aluminium, rhodium, carbon fibre and 18k gold the essential symbols and mystique surrounding him.

500 sets and 1 439 individual pens lie in wait for Batman fans and collectors, at chosen Montegrappa dealers.


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Photo source: Montegrappa