May 11, 2012

A luxury treatment, at your feet

With the temperatures outside, summer’s almost here, and you’ve probably taken your sandals for a walk. But for this you need a impeccable pedicure, and if you can benefit from a detoxifying massage too, it’s even better.

At Evergreen saloon, a completely organic saloon, you can experience a truly exceptional pedicure, and a full treatment of relaxation. It begins with a refreshing footbath with mineral salts and coconut milk. Then follows an exfoliation, from knees to fingers, with a creamy paste of powdered sugar, powdered green tea leaves and bamboo. While nails are groomed, your feet will be wrapped in a regeneration mask made of four kinds of clay. And, finally, a honey and silk lotion will cover your feet, for your complete relaxation.

This Thai pedicure takes two hours and costs €50.