November 17, 2013

A life story. A story about change. You? How will you impact the destinies of the world’s women?

Roma girl

In order to gain the unbelievable power of changing lives, to be able to contribute to changing the face of the world itself, the real first step is always information. Gucci, the celebrities it has by its side and its partners for Chime for Change, the global campaign addressing women’s issues, know it and have made it a core part of their mission to share untold and unheard of stories, stories never told enough.

They’re stories about injustice and neglect who bring suffering and who keep perpetuating the same dramas in the lives of ever new generations of women. But they’re also stories about survival, determination and progress that trace us to solutions for a future we can truly have a contribution to.

For instance, the story of Mirela journalist Ioana Matei shared with the Chime for Change community and the world.

Mirela Bolmadir’s parents separated when she was just 4 months old. Soon, her mother remarried, and the relationship with her stepfather was never an easy one. At 16, he asked her to leave the house. Mirela was already working, selling fruit and vegetables. A year later, shy, inexperienced, she met her future husband, Toni.

He was part of the Roma community, and Mirela started a new life. In a world completely foreign to her, learning new rules and integrating into a society where the traditional rules of the family meant she had to keep her head down and serve everybody.

20 years later, a widow and mother of six children it was almost impossible for her to keep her family together. Her stepfather refused to have her back unless she gave her children up for adoption. And her salvation was a course for health mediators for Roma communities.

Now, she facilitates access to medical care for thousands of people in her adoptive community. People from villages where doctors refuse coming to work, people with no medical insurance and without minimal sanitary knowledge, previously without access to vaccination and without even the hope of getting treated in the case of an emergency.

For her work, Mirela Bolmadir was granted the Health Mediator of the Year award and she wishes for her three daughters to have jobs and lead independent fulfilled lives.

If you want to better know Mirela’s life story and find out more about the community she is now a part of and helps, read Ioana Matei’s article on Chime for Change’s storytelling platform.

We have there all of the resources we need in order to become aware of the unknown realities of things such as the implications of the birth of a little girl in India, about how it is women are second-class citizens in the American healthcare system as well as about women-heroes. Plus, at our fingertips are also dozens of ingenious and effective projects addressing issues with dramatic repercussions on the futures of girls and women – the project through which we can have a tremendous impact on minimising Kenyan girls’ school dropout rates, the one limiting the spread of mother to baby transmitted HIV in remote Togo and many others.

And don’t forget! If you purchase a Gucci fragrance, you’re already supporting Chime for Change. You just have to choose how!

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Photos:, Chime for Change