October 26, 2012

A lace facemask, from Givenchy

Calais lace is one of the globe’s luxury fashion brand favorite laces, including Givenchy’s. But this time, Givenchy specialists did not use it in a fashion show, but as a mask material. Together with the lace, they bring you precious Vital Black Algae Sap Concentrate, for a perfect mask.

When this Algae infiltrates the lace, you feel an extraordinary soft and distressing sensation. Givenchy promises your skin will gradually become firm and radiant, will correct wrinkles, slackening skin and puffiness.



The Vital Black Algae Sap Concentrate is found in the depths of the ocean and reconstructs a catalyst in the skin to counteract the signs of aging. It’s supposed to leave your complexion firm, glowing, and even-toned. Le Soin Noir Mask costs $359 and has better results if used with the cream from the same range.


Photos: Givenchy Pr Office