March 16, 2012

A flower from Nicola Formichetti, Lady Gaga’s stylist

At Paris Fashion Week I received a red-orange tulip! But what is it so special about a flower? Simple: the person who offers it!

Backstage, at the Mugler fashion show, I met Nicola Formichetti. Although he was named the creative director of the Mugler brand, a few seasons ago, Formichetti is highly famous for being the mastermind behind the extravagant outfits that Lady Gaga wears on stage. And not only that Nicola Formichetti is the superstar’s stylist, but he is also one of her best friends.

Formichetti’s talent was only matched by the cordiality he displayed during our conversation. Covering topics from the collection to perfumes (Thierry Mugler being one of the fragrances I use to mix to achieve a unique scent), the designer offered me brief details on the Mugler House and he even let a compliment slip on my style. Obviously good upbringing, because I was not wearing my best outfits then. I had left my Saturday best (which is the new idiomatic phrase for “the Sunday best”)at home, for the club!

As we are of the same age more or less, I felt I was speaking the same language with Nicola Formicheti. Without taking his courtly approach too far, but with a friendly and quite broad smile on his face, Nicola gave me a flower from the bouquet he had just been offered by a fan.

Wow!!! Not only that I actually got the chance to talk to one of the designers of the moment, but the treat I’ve been offered was beyond expectation!

And to send me home on cloud nine, I got invited to the Mugler party for the following day. This is what I call an amazing experience!

I got home waving the gift-tulip in the air and when I told my friend about what I had “gone through”, she suggested that I should turn the moment into a memorable snapshot. The tulip and the invitation – a spotless card with a vague reading on it: MUGLER – hold an honoured place in my photo album.


PS: I apologize for the quality of these photos! Because the images were taken with the poorest light possible and the weakest photo camera, I still have difficulties in trying to recognize myself between thousands of shadows covering our faces. 🙂

All in all, the pictures might be bad, but my fashion week memories are the best!!!