July 13, 2012

A breast cream that offers an alternative to plastic surgery

Women’s breast size is rapidly increasing, and the studies made in Great Britain come to support this hypothesis. While in the fifties the average cup size was a B, now it’s risen to a C.

And although you might be tempted to believe everybody would want bigger breast, only last year 5,291 breast reductions were performed in the UK.


Having this said, it’s no wonder why entrepreneur Michelle Mone thought about launching a cream that promises to reduce breasts. The product, entitled Boobs Minus, was developed in more than three years, and contains Wild Indigo, a herb which switches the cells that activate the breakdown of fat in the body.

The cream also contains firming, anti-aging and anti-oxidant ingredients. (Acai, Cupuaçu, Maracuja, Golden Chamomile).

Boobs Minus costs £39.50 (150 ml).

Photos: dailymail.com