May 2, 2012

A body cream with gold particles

If you like sweet treats and spectacular body creams, Peau de Miel from Le Palais de Reines will definitely draw your attention.

It is a really special antioxidant cream with restructuring properties for the skin that looses the elasticity and tends to age faster. Peau de Miel contains sesame oil, jojoba and shea butter, honey, orange blossom essence and small flakes of gold that makes skin shiny and lightening.

It has a smooth texture and a delicate and sensual scent of orange flowers and honey that will make you feel like a sweet dessert.

Peau de Miel Cream is part of the Reine Le Palais range, a line of professional beauty products made from oriental pure elements, such as argan oil, black soap, jasmine fragrance, fig, cinnamon, sandalwood and vanilla, flower water.

It costs €26 and you can buy it on