June 26, 2012

A bag that encourages reading

Has it ever occurred to you that books deserve to have their own bags? If the answer is yes, you are probably interested in finding out somebody else thought about this too. Bookletta is a unique concept of bags, that have a special place for books, so that your book is protected of humidity, stains or just of being bent.


In the same pocket you can keep your ipad, kindle, or any other gadget that can help you read. These trendy bags come in different shapes, and colors, and can be the perfect gift for you, or for somebody who loves to read.

The special bags can be found in a small version, and in a big size. The small one costs 115 €, and the other size, 135 €. Both can be ordered at bookletta.com.



Photos: zdrowie.gazeta.pl, Pr