October 29, 2013

999 is my lucky number, and Rouge Dior is my colour

Janina Nectara Dior Beauty Fashion Avec Passion

It doesn’t often happen to think about the history of an object you use all the time, part of a daily ritual or a dear habit you repeat over and over again. Or maybe so it is for me, just as my only exception is Dior. Why Dior? It’s a question with a little bit of profane to it, I’ll admit, but it did come to mind.

And I’m positively sure that the reason is Christian Dior himself. When I say Dior, immediately images like these above (video) pop out in front of my eyes – full of charm, but above all of passion and creativity!

Janina Nectara Dior Beauty  Fashion Avec Passion

It has been 60 years since the first Dior rouge and the great Dior’s idea of creating a total look, in which fashion and cosmetics meet and get the power to transform. 60 legendary  years since the visionary Mr. Dior imagined “dressing women’s smiles”, matching for the first time the color of the lips with the color of the dress, to create a total look Dior. A revolution which started in 1953 and counts today over 1,500 lipstick shades.

“Very lively and advantageous, it is the colour of life. I love red,” wrote Christian Dior.
The French designer named his first red 9, which was later to be reborn as 99, and is called today 999, the most sensual color of all times.

Also my favorite color! Also my lucky number!

I celebrated my “New Look” at Milano Fashion Week how else than together with my chic seductive companion, Dior Rouge, while a broadly famous myth convinced me  while looking in the mirror that any standout piece can be matched with my rouge, invariably 999 Dior!

Janina Nectara Dior Beauty Fragrance Fashion Avec Passion

The sensational shade of Dior Rouge was masterfully applied by the makeup artist Daniela Francu.

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