July 7, 2015

9 shades for 9 different women. What scarf colour brings out your… personality?

Do you feel like reenergising your soul, mind and body before the spring you can’t wait to make the most of finally comes? We already know for ourselves that fashion is deeply therapeutical and day by day we make it responsible for tasks as important as providing us with the first reason to roll out of bed in the morning, enhancing our innate elegance and expressing our personality and talking about our life style. More than that, here is how specialists have correlated each colour with the main traits of the one wearing it! And what is omnipresent and can be easier to mix and match than a scarf in the colour that suits us and brings out rays of energy for out chi? Find out about your inner colour!

red trend alert

Red – strong, passionate, competitive and courageous, enthusiastic, optimistic, vital

orange trend alert

Orange – warm, extrovert, self confident and self resilient, detached and brimming with energy

yellow trend alert

Yellow – positive, luminous, teeming with imagination and nurturing a powerful spiritual dimension

lime trend alert

Lime – refined, delicate and at the same time analytical, and determined, with an aura of calm dynamised with spontaneity

green trend alert

Green – agile, self reliant and go-getter, proves native confidence and harmony that come to shine on those around her

turquoise trend alert

Turquoise – calm and collected on the outside, a dreamer full of hope and plans she will make come true on the inside

blue trend alert

Blue – she lives, inspires and offers trust, stability and love

purple trend alert

Purple – intrigue, mystery, creativity, wisdom, a bundle of attributes under an appearance of class

pink trend alert

Pink – feminine, romantic, bubbly… wonderful, and everyone around her already knows it

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Photos: plushswimwear.com, fashiongonerogue.com