February 25, 2016

7 reasons why Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge and Gear 360 are fashionable

If as far as fashion is concerned, more doesn’t necessarily mean better, when it comes to technology – all the more as it’s the case of style and social media friendly technology, for which fashion has a definitive soft spot – more and better are concepts going hand in hand towards a new level of visual experience.

Janina Nectara Fashion Avec Passion Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Gear 360

What am I talking about, more precisely? About the Samsung premieres at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and their London pre-viewing, an exclusive event I had to privilege to attend, thanks to an invitation received from Samsung Romania. The innovations brought forward by the Korean tech giant – the new mobile phone models Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge and the photo-video camera with a 360o reach Gear 360 – have drawn the attention of the world. Of the entire world – from gadget geeks to social networks addicts and from stock brokers to fashion people. Why? Because the new Samsung devices bring a quality leap in the recreational and professional activities of almost each and every one of us.

Janina Nectara Fashion Avec Passion Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Gear 360

I’m happy to share the same times with these unprecedented technological breakthroughs. And I also feel privileged for having had the opportunity to try out the newest Samsung technology before its launch, during a top secret London event. Yes, I did feel like a (James) Bond Girl… Especially so while experimenting with the mind-boggling virtual reality that is now being rendered with exceptional accuracy by the Gear VR. An almost tangible world, like no TV, computer display or cinema screen has ever been able to picture. You absolutely have to experience it!

Janina Nectara Fashion Avec Passion Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Gear 360

As my interests lie particularly in the field of fashion, I could only be thrilled with the majority of the parameters displayed by Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge and Gear 360 showing obvious compatibilities (and complementarities) with the fashion industry. And not only design-wise, but functionally also.

1) First of all, the S7 and S7 Edge mobile devices have a shape even more elegant and smooth to the touch – the rounded edges and the scaling down of the camera bump bringing enhanced tactile and visual pleasure.

2) The changes the two models have underwent mean more intense colours, while the curved edges increase the display area – both, ideal qualities for visualising fashion content.

3) Additionally, the photo camera adjustments hold promise for better fidelity photo-making in low luminosity settings – a quality that is virtually essential for fashion show photographs. Yes, it’s the very first time a telephone can successfully replace a professional camera. And I speak of experience. For a fashion journalist or blogger, such a telephone is the ideal solution. I know all too well how uncomfortable it is to attend a runway show carrying a bulky camera, one that obviously can’t fit in your bag (and this is a vital aspect for any fashion lover 🙂 ), weighs several kilos and entails a burdensome process of downloading the images. Samsung strips all of these responsibilities of our shoulders, and passes them on to a phone, one that can also be eased into a tiny little clutch. The Samsung 7S and 7S Edge is the new photography Mecca.

Janina Nectara Fashion Avec Passion Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Gear 360

Janina Nectara Fashion Avec Passion Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Gear 360

4) This without mentioning the added flexibility for memory extension which is, also, a major plus during event-filled periods, such as the Fashion Weeks.

5) During the same times of the year, with shows scheduled to the minute from dawn to well after dusk, the always on display featuring time, day’s agenda as well as a constant stream of notifications can make the difference for a successful day.

6) The same goes for the extended battery life, all the more as Samsung says there’s also a significant reduction of charging time to be noticed!

7) Should I also add that it’s the first water-resistant phone?

Janina Nectara Fashion Avec Passion Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Gear 360

And the tech-fashion synergies don’t end here. Camera Gear 360, presented by Samsung with the participation of Mark Zuckerberg and included in a Facebook-Samsung partnership dedicated to virtual reality, promises new horizons for catwalk broadcasting and, why not, fashion houses image campaigns.

As pointed out by Zuckerberg, imagery with this kind of visualisation area provides a much wider, more immersive and intense experience than those with which we’ve grown accustomed to – a description that quite simply seems tailor-made for the range of a fashion show, as well as the extraordinary level of detail of a haute couture piece.

The future of tech is here and, it can easily be glimpsed, the future of tech in fashion is a mere step away – all the more as, in front of the new evolutions and revolutions seen at the Barcelona fair, tech experts are already wondering who might be the very first star of these new means of visual expression.

For more on the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, here is a video feature by EuroNews.


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Photos: Samsung, theverge.com