October 30, 2012

5 ways to slow down the aging process


Aging is a natural process, but how do you explain the fact that while some people still look young in their 50’s, others already feel old when they’re 30? Researchers say there are ways of slowing down the effects of ageing, and this is up to us. Here are 5 things you can do:

1. Be socially active

Knowing more about the world you’re living in, being aware of the news, reading, taking care of your hobbies, socializing with friends and families, are just some of the things you can do to keep your brain trained. Specialists say putting your brain to work is one of the tricks that is going to keep you young.


 2. Surround yourself with young people

If you want to be young, you have to spend time with young people. Studies show that spending time with children is a great way of keeping your heart childish.


3.Get in control

If you’re going to think you’re getting old and you have to cut out the things you once did, or start feeling helplessly, you’re surely going to age faster. Instead, try to take control over as many things you can, like shopping for yourself, looking after a dog, growing a plant, plan things for yourself and for the others.


4. Workout

Doing sport activities keeps your body healthy and your genes young. Working out activities will give you more energy, a healthier heart, and more serotonin in your body, responsible for your well-being.


5. Make yourself beautiful

A study measured the blood pressure of women before and after they had dyed their hair. The results showed that they felt younger after coloring their hair, and this reduced their blood pressure. The conclusion is simple: the way you look influences the way you feel, so start taking care of yourself today.


Photos: dermasphere.blogspot.com