June 25, 2012

5 ways to keep your hair healthy during the summer

Heat, sun and sea can make your hair look dull and unhealthy. Here’s how you can take care of it during summer.

  1. This time of the year is great for air-drying  your hair, so try not to use blow dryers so often. The heat makes it frizzy and can burn it easily, especially if the hair is fragile.
  2. Sun makes the hair color fade. To seal in color and hydration, specialists recommend keratin treatments, because they build a protein shield that makes the hair less vulnerable.
  3. Instead of straightening or curling your hair every day, give it a break. Summer is the perfect moment to embrace a casual style. Ponytails, braids and buns are an easy way to play with your hair naturally and still keep it healthy.
  4. Start using sulfate-free shampoos, and conditioners with essential oils. These kind of products are gentle and clean without leaving the hair without nutrients.
  5. Trim your hair every month. You may say this is too often, but in fact, you will save more hair than cutting your split ends once in a couple of months. Plus, it will give your hair more strength.



Photos: israblog.nana10.co.il