July 4, 2012

5 ways to increase your confidence

Self-esteem is important for you to develop in all the aspects of your life, whether it’s work, family or love life. Here’s 5 ways to boost your confidence when you fell insecure, ugly and sad.



According to a study at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, people who meditate at least five days a week improve their self-acceptance. This happens because paying attention to your breathing and having good thoughts increases the feeling that you are in control of your life.


Learn something new

Improving your knowledge and learning a new language, how to cook or how to paint, makes you feel more valuable. The better you become, in any field, the confident you’ll feel, in general.


Start taking decisions

According to coach Marshall Goldsmith, the author of the book Mojo, the less self-confidence you have, the more you tend to analyze everything and find it hard to decide what you want. “Making a big decision will make you feel stronger and more capable,” he says.



There are numerous researches that show smiling indirectly lifts your mood, even if it’s a fake smile. Nancy Etcoff, clinical instructor of psychology at Harvard Medical School, suggests we should try holding a pencil horizontally between our teeth (not our lips) to mimic the effect.


Apologize less

People often say they’re sorry when they’re feeling insecure. Instead of feeling guilty for something all the time, stop apologizing for small things and you’ll feel better about yourself.


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