March 13, 2012

5 ways to dry your nail polish faster


To ruin your nails after you’ve just varnished, because you didn’t wait enough to dry well, is terribly annoying. I admit, it’s not funny at all to wait for minutes to dry completely, without being able to use your hands properly. Therefore, it is best to take into consideration some tips that will speed the drying process.

Cool them

Everything cold helps polish to harden quickly, so stay with your hands under cold water after you’ve varnished, is a highly effective technique that you can use to dry your hands quickly, without having to worry about ruining your nail polish. And if you want to remove nail polish quickly, before using the solvent, keep your hands in hot water.

Oil them

Oil help nails dry faster and protects them, so spray them with olive oil or other natural oil. This will also hydrate the cuticles.

Dry them

There are special devices at the saloons, where you put your hands and the drying process intensifies, but at home you can very well use a hair dryer. All you have to do is set it on the cold, because warm air stops strengthening the nail polish.

Use a quick-dry topcoat

Use a nail polish especially for fast drying. This will not only decrease the drying time, but will also make the nail polish last longer.

In thin layers

Instead of applying two thick layers of nail polish, apply thin coats and wait a minute between each application, so that the layers have time to dry. It may seem a waste of time, but in fact you will have to wait less in the end.