March 28, 2013

5 Tricks For Sensational Legs


Even if you haven’t visited the gym as much as you’d have wanted this spring, there are a few sly tricks that you can employ to make your legs look sensational in any pair of shorts or mini skirt:

>> Apply an anti-cellulite serum nightly and make sure that it contains caffeine among its ingredients. It will make the excess water weight it your legs to drop right off.

>> Much like a blush can sculpt your cheekbones, a bronzing powder can transform your leg shape. With a large brush, apply a thin layer of powder to the areas of your legs where your muscles are naturally defined. This trick will highlight them, offering the illusion of slimmed and more toned legs.

>> To optically elongate your legs, apply an iridescent powder in a vertical line, all the way down your legs.

>> To make your legs glow without risking any product rubbing on your clothes, apply a moisturising cream and follow it with a traslucid powder. Make sure you let the moisturiser absorb into your skin properly, or you’ll end up with a sticky paste all over your legs!

>> Use a scrub to slough off dead cells and insist on the knee area, where skin is usually more dry and pigmented.

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