June 8, 2012

5 Tips To Always Keep His Interest Alive

Whether you and your significant other have been together for only a few months or you’ve been a couple for a couple of decades now, it’s equally important that the passion doesn’t ever die out. Men, even if they don’t usually show it, are romantics at heart, who always seek excitement, delight and the illusion of romantic love in their relationships. Here are 5 tips to make sure that his interest in you will never fade:

1. Make it your goal to look good in the morning. This doesn’t mean you getting up an hour in advance to put on makeup, do your hair and get all primped up. All you have to do is take care of a few important details that you’ll later see make all the difference in the world. Leave the facemask for your slumber parties with the girls, don’t ever go to sleep with hair rollers on, and toss away for good your raggedy nightgown and granny panties.

2. Once you know how he like to see a woman dress, adapt that style to your own. However, never try to dress 100% according to his tastes. It needs to still be you, looking natural and effortless.

3. Once you’re together, don’t give up on what you used to do at the beginning of your relationship. If he used to admire you in your beautiful gown and your most seductive makeup, be sure he’ll still appreciate your effort of dressing up nicely for him 20 years later.

4. Find a balance between subtlety and provocativeness and always maintain it, to keep his interest alive.

5. Steer clear of the „I got all dressed up for him this one time and he didn’t even notice” by always being dressed up for him. You want him to have all eyes on you at all times, not just once in a while, don’t you?

Photos courtesy of: leloveimage.blogspot.com, pluginplaygirl.com