November 12, 2012

5 steps for brows like Keira Knightly


As you already know, eyebrows are very important in the way your face looks like. It’s almost like they can either make it, or break it. But if you keep in mind some rules, things are not so complicated. Keira Knightley and Rooney Mara’s eyebrows are a good example for nicely shaped brows. Kate Lee, makeup artist for Chanel, is the one who takes care of them.  She says that if you follow these 5 steps, you cannot go wrong in grooming your eyebrows:

1. “Eyebrows are unique to each person, so don’t force yours into an unnatural shape. These days, everyone is embracing a full natural brow, with a slight lift at the arch, that’s as long as possible in length. The shape is youthful, dramatic and an excellent framework for the rest of your makeup.”

2. “Using a brow comb, brush your brows in the direction of growth—most people’s brows grow up in the inner corners and down toward the ends—then step back and look in the mirror to determine which parts to clean up and intensify. I never tweeze above the brow, or trim the ends as this changes the dimension of the face.”




3. “I tend to avoid powders. Instead, I prefer a nice sharp pencil that blends into your skin easily. A tinted brow gel is a great way to cheat in a few extra hairs and enhance your look, too. Go for shades that match your brow color rather than the rest of your hair. If you’re unsure, avoid anything bricky or orangey. I always tend to stick to shades that are cooler and ashier since they’re the most flattering.”


4. “Take a pencil and feather in your brows from the inner corners to the upper arches with tiny lines. Next try to elongate the brows very slightly beyond the outer edges as this makes a huge difference with only a few strokes. At this point, I usually stop and assess the shape, and if need be, soften a few lines with a short angled brow brush, blending what is already there rather than adding more product.”

5. “Lastly, if I am working with blond or brunette brows I may use a tinted gel to color any light hairs that tend to be invisible. This thickens the brow and adds a little weight to the shape you’ve already built up. Otherwise, just apply a clear brow gel to keep things in place and you’re done.”