March 22, 2016

5 minutes away from your phone and Giorgio Armani Fragrances donates Acqua for Life

In the world, approximately 1 000 children under the age of 5 die every day because of the lack of drinking water and access to hygiene-safe water. At the same time, 1 dollar is enough to provide a child with the necessary safe water for an entire month. That’s why, for saving lives, a connection is necessary – a connection between the capacities of each one of us to make a minimum donation and its turning into a practical action able to provide the gift of water and life, where it’s most needed.

Armani in partnership with UNICEF have been consolidating this nexus of life for the last 7 years. The 2.78 million dollars raised through the Acqua for Life project have been transformed, via the UNICEF Tap Project, in 70 million days with safe water access.

70 million days during which children have not faced the life threat of cholera and other waterborne diseases. And 70 million days in which they were able to go to school to learn more about hygiene and the importance of safe drinking and daily use water as well as for perpetuating a better future.

And if the numbers are impacting, the day to day reality in regions of the globe where water access is problematic, all the more so. In the developed world, we consume, on average, 100 liters of water a day. In these areas, 10 liters are seen as a luxury. A woman in these developing countries water-starved areas spends no less than 25% of the day fetching water for her family.

So, let’s find out more about the value of water. Through 3 short yet revealing videos, we can begin to grasp how it is to live with 10 times less water a day, we can have a look at the daily life of a Haitian family and we can comprehend how far a small donation or gesture can go.

Giorgio Armani Fragrances Acqua for Life UNICEF Tap Project

Giorgio Armani Fragrances Acqua for Life UNICEF Tap Project

Giorgio Armani Fragrances Acqua for Life UNICEF Tap Project

In order to donate to the UNICEF Tap Water through Armani Acqua for Life, we can buy one of the 3 Acqua di Gio options included in the campaign. For every type of purchase, Armani directs a certain amount of money to the UNICEF fund:

Acqua di Gio Gift Set – USD 5 – money which can provide a child with safe water for 4 months

Acqua di Gio 6.7 Oz Limited Edition – USD 15 – sum that can guarantee a child with 1 year of safe water

Acqua for Life bracelet with Acqua di Gio sample fragrance – USD 1 – this 1 dollar, money that can provide a child with 1 month’s safe water, is fully directed to UNICEF.

A contribution just as impacting can be made without any financial donation whatsoever. Visiting on our smartphones, we can download an app allowing the minutes of our not using the phone be transformed into money donations to the Tap Project: for every 5 minutes not touching our phone, Giorgio Armani Fragrances and other UNICEF partners donate the equivalent in money of one safe water day.

For us it can be very simple. And for a child in Ghana, Bolivia or Senegal it can be a matter of life or death.


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Photos: Armani