March 28, 2012

5 hidden things that may cause acne

An acne prone skin needs special care and attention, especially removing any sources that could contribute to microbial storage. Here are some of them, that you might didn’t know can harm you:



Even if there are medical prescriptions, some pills can destabilize your hormonal balance. In this category are also the medications that contain steroids, which can be found in pills that treat allergies, poisoning or arthritis, among others. Contraception pills, even if there is said to have the effect of removing pimples, which is true, change your hormonal balance. You need up to six months for your body to adapt to this change, while you can get acne.


Inadequate care

Creams or lotions too greasy or inadequate for your skin type can promote pimples. Also, the sebum deposited in the scalp can get on the pillowcase and then rub on your face, in which case it’s best to put a clean towel over your pillowcase every night to prevent buildup.

Makeup utensils can also damage your skin, because they can store bacteria and microbes. That is why cleaning them after every use is so important.


Mobile phone

Mobile gathers all sorts of bacteria during the day and can be the cause for why pimples appear around your chin and mouth, so regular disinfection is a must.


Sport tools

Not the sport itself, but the mattresses that you use when you do aerobics, yoga or other activities, are a reliable source of microbes. Therefore it is better to use a towel, not to sit directly on someone else’s sweat.


Touching your face

Most natural gesture that we do all the time, touching the face, damages skin, even if you have clean hands. Repeated touches can increase sebum production, and that’s a one-way blackhead and pimples are stimulated.