January 14, 2014

4 stats and lots of Tiffany love: Will he propose on Valentine’s Day?

One month till Valentine’s Day and not sure if he’ll propose? Well, there are a few clues, hints and declarations that might get you closer to an answer…

Tiffany & Co. Valentine’s Day

1. In the United States, statistics say that for every single woman in her 20s there are 1.2 bachelors of the same age group. Sometimes numbers do manage to be more optimistic than reality, don’t they?

2. Corroborate this data with the median age at their first marriage – 26.6 years old for women and 28.6 for men… I’m pretty sure the key lies in unlocking the meaning of this repetitive .6!

3. Adjust everything with 17.3%, the frequency of jewellery among all Valentine’s Day gifts… At least we almost have a chance in 5 of getting a pendant, just to be able to see the champagne glass at-the-bottom-of-which-there-was-no-engagement-ring half full. 

4. And with the hope-giving number of 6 million Americans planning or expecting a marriage proposal! The stats are for 2012 and 2013, so don’t forget to factor this in – only if the answer isn’t the right one, that is 😉

Somewhat more confident? I for one would be downright optimistic: I let myself inspired by – who else but – Tiffany and wish he’d just tell me ’’I’m over the moon for you!’’


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Photo: Tiffany & Co.