July 30, 2013

3floz Zoomshops – Vending Machines That Offer Something Even More Tempting Than Candy


This may sound like something straight out of ”The Princess And The Pea” story, but I have a confession to make – If I happen to wash my hands more than a couple of times with any other soap than my usual (which is Dove), my skin visibly starts to get dry. Because of this, I always have some moisturiser handy whenever I travel away from home.

This explanation proved insufficiently convincing at the airport though, when not just once, my moisturiser was denied boarding, due to its larger-than-approved size. (Security agents at Charles de Gaulle airport once threw away into a trash bin my favourite hand cream quite unceremoniously, completely ignoring my sad look, with eyes even more begging than those of the adorable cat in Shrek.)

I was thus overjoyed to learn that, starting this august, my nightmares involving my favourite beauty products thrown into the trash bin for going over the approved weight limit, as well as those involving me forgetting some beauty essential at home (this also happens to me, followed by a grueling half an hour during which I obsess over the thought of ”what on Earth did I forget to pack?”), will finally come to an end.

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3floz, the beauty retailer which offers products of brands such as Fekkai, Blow, Murad or Malin & Goetz, all in travel-sized versions, will now become available in airports, via a set of vending machines.

Say goodbye to dry skin, split ends, chapped lips or any other beauty emergency which hits you at the most unfortunate time – when you’re at the airport, in a hurry. Just look for the 3floz Zoomshops and you’re guaranteed to look just as impeccable as Victoria Beckham (surely not just my airport style idol) upon your arrival to any destination.


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Photos courtesy of: elle.com, lifeofliina.blogspot.com