May 29, 2012

3D Nail Art – DO Or DON’T?

I often feel that I may just be the oldest Hello Kitty fan in the World (except probably for Kimora Lee Simmons), but do I want the 3D version of the cute cartoon cat staring at me every day from the top of my fingertips?

3D nail art originated in Japan but quickly extended its popularity into the Western World and given how it has evolved in recent years, I might as well stick the faces of the entire Hello Kitty cast on my nails, top them off with glitter and attach a couple of small chains, and instead of being looked at like I’m a freak, I’ll just be très en vogue.


An alternative for girls who don’t want to try 3D nail art (and who would like to have full functionality of their hands, which, in my opinion, is impossible when you have plastic flowers, bows and teddy bear heads sticking out from the extremity of each of your fingertips) is to take a cue from the high-fashion runways and adorn their nails with various patterns and fabrics. And even though it’s 2-dimensional, I’m not talking about plain old nail art which only features a few nail polishes in different colours.

For the Spring/Summer 2010 Reem Acra show, the models were styled with lace nails. To be more precise, actual lace was applied on the nails with a brush-on adhesive, sealed with the same adhesive and then sprayed with quick-dry glue and then encased in a special gel. Sounds complicated?

How about the Gareth Pugh models’ nails for the designer’s Fall/Winter 2010 show, who strutted down the runway wearing a very Lady Gaga-esque chain manicure, or his Spring/Summer 2012 show, which featured nails that could certainly be used as deadly weapons.

Not into chains or lace? Then how about a snakeskin manicure or pedicure? It’s currently all the rage in the US and quickly gaining popularity in Europe and it consists of actual snake skin applied on your nails, for the price of $150-300. The curious reptilian mani/pedi takes about two hours and a half to complete, but it will last several weeks, during which you’ll either get disgusted or extremely appreciative looks.

I’m not sure if the latest nails trends are cute and quirky or completely nuts, but with the risk of being considered boring, I’ll stick for now to the traditional monochrome manicure.

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