May 14, 2012

3 easy steps for preparing your heels for summer

Few things are more unpleasant to see than some cracked or dry heels, in a pair of sandals, no matter how beautiful they might be. To avoid this, try to hydrate yourself properly and apply a moisturizer daily. But if you already have cracked heels, look what you can do:

1. Prepare a hot water tank and put your feet inside for 15 minutes, to soak your skin and activate blood circulation. Inside the water you can add salt, olive oil, milk, honey, or any flavor you like, for relaxation and hydration.

2. Remove your feet from the water and apply an exfoliating foot scrub from the supermarket, or make one from sugar and olive oil. Massage your feet well, until the dead skin is removed.

3. Apply a repairing cream or lotion and put on a pair of socks, let the moisturizer work while you sleep.

Even if you will see results from the first night, repeat this ritual several times consecutively until your heels are soft and hydrated again.