September 17, 2013

3, 2, 1… Get your comfortable heels ready, as tonight we’re at Milan Vogue Fashion’s Night Out!

Milano Vogue Fashion Night Out 2013

VOGUE Fashion’s Night Out… tonight Milan will be gripped by fashion-madness!

This is how the city will look…

Milano Vogue Fashion Night Out 2013

This is how it will be like in the streets, in front of the stores, in galleries and inside the cafes where Lavazza will help the enthusiasm keep up all night…

This is how store window will look like, illuminated by the special preparations for the most thrilling night of the year and coloured with the energy of thousands of people in the streets…

Milano Vogue Fashion Night Out 2013

And it will be another legendary Vogue FNO I will have the wonderful opportunity to attend, stretching the strength of my Visa and testing my own capacity of assimilating fashion through every pore!

Vogue FNO covers with frenzy cities from around the world – Australia, Germany, India, Mexico, Russia, Brazil… 15 countries and much more cities – starting from 2009. It was Anna Wintour’s idea, for kick starting the economy. A successful experiment gotten out of control!

Ad there’s no way you can say that if you’ve been to one Vogue FNO you’ve seen them all, just the way you can’t possibly say that if you go to Milan for Fashion Week you have no attention left for the dream like night when shopping replaces sleeping! Ah, and now to bring my argumentation down to the final point… The exact same way you can’t say that if you’ve been to one store you’ve been to all! It’s quite obvious!

So I have a plan as bold as it is precise… We have Vogue shopping bags and map ready, so, please, do follow me!

After a quick espresso Lavazza at Palazzo Morando, straight to the Giorgio Armani boutique on Via Montenapoleone! After, hopefully, I’ll bag the entire fantastic feminine collection… further up the street, at Etro, maybe a little rebalancing of the chi, with an ecological bag designed just for the event and, above all, a Campari cocktail! With renewed strength, I can dash off in a few energetic high heeled steps through the entire via, as orderly lying ahead are Santoni, Hogan and Pinko!

Then, oh, Via Spiga! The first steps are already going to be throwing me more into my game, with Ermanno Scervino at Gio’ Moretti and the DJ set they, one of my favourite houses, have been preparing… and the anticipation is growing, growing and growing before… Dolce & Gabbana, at number 26! Oh, Dio! Forza, as I still have a long fashion road ahead of me! Blumarine and Byblos, like two oases before another magnificently testing Roberto Cavalli!!! I do hope I won’t make it without a signed copy of the recently launched autobiography, as at Profumerie Douglas I feel like making an entrance! Something like a bags laden tornado, among the delicate perfume bottles…

And who knows how on earth will I be able to make it further, as Via Spiga is rich with wonders. Blugirl, Miss Blumarine, Costume National, ah, Roger Vivier, oh, Missoni, of course, Just Cavalli. But wait, without even realising it I’m past two more vias. Luckily the red lights at the Ferrari Store have reawakened my attention! As straight out of the rearing horse’s doors, in off to Chanel in Piazza del Duomo!

With my cheeks a little bit red with blush from the new collection over at the Chanel Make Up Bar, a final assault at M Missoni and, as a crowning to a beautifully mad night of shopping, Vivienne Westwood!

Ah, Vogue Fashion’s Night Out is more than enough to have my heart racing when just planning. But it’s just around the corner… just a few hours away!

Milano Vogue Fashion Night Out 2013

Milano Vogue Fashion Night Out 2013

Milano Vogue Fashion Night Out 2013

! If you haven’t got enough time to go packing and join us in Milan, on the 10th of October, Vogue FNO is disembarking over to the British Isles 😉


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