December 13, 2013

2013, a good year for the top brands of the meta-luxury era!

2013 top global brands

We are in a new era of luxury or, better said, of meta-luxury. The old concepts and strategies are no longer enough because today’s consumer needs don’t fit with the familiar, rooted, celebrated status quo any more. Gucci, for instance, is focusing on craftsmanship, history and rarity. The needs for innovation, pricing strategy constraints, the drive for extension and even profitability itself bow to new masters in a post-modern view of the luxury industry – more comprehensive, more abstract and more subtle. It is so because the former correlations between exposure and desirability have been turned on their head by luxury consumers waiting for the visionary leaders of the trade to put something else in their place.

That is why it comes as no wonder that the confirmed heritage performers, 2013’s top brands keeping up with the future, see their strength measured not only against presence on foreign continents, emerging markets and the lists of analysts’ blue chips. The role brands play in influencing consumer behaviour continues being key. Yet the key to this Holy Grail has many more facets: clarity, commitment, protection, responsiveness, authenticity, relevance, differentiation, consistency, presence and understanding are just those measured by BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2013. The rest are the well guarded secrets of (alphabetically)…

2013 top global brands

Burberry is ending a year when Christopher Bailey is men’s designer of the year (with Burberry for 12 years) and the CEO (of only a few months) of the brand of the year. So, both top design and top brand management at Burberry.

Cartier has apparently had a typical year. A retrospective exhibition in Paris, spanning from its beginnings of 1847 to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding tiara and the usual Christie’s auctions. Nothing usual or to be taken for granted about its 32% brand value increase, though!

Gucci. An extraordinary 2013 for Gucci. CEO Patrizio di Marco talks about the nurturing of the brand’s values and integrity, while the international press has been writing about Gucci’s restoring of cinematographic masterpieces, joining the UN in helping Syria’s refugees and the already notable progress of this year’s started women’s global initiative Chime for Change. Gucci ranks 2nd in the Top Risers category and 1st for Brand Contribution among luxury brands, while its annual hike has been of 48%!

Hermès. A 175 old company used to annual increases of over 60% and, two years counting, the second luxury brand in the world. Success, authenticity and influence. Hermès.

Louis Vuitton. Marc Jacobs leaves behind LV’s creative reigns to Balanciaga-tested Nicolas Ghesquiere and a double boost to the LV business. Louis Vuitton means more that half of LVMH, the world’s no 1 luxury brand, and in 2013, that translates into USD 28.4 billion.

Prada is 2013’s global brand, across the board, seeing the most notable increase. Actually, 63% is a percentage much more than notable, it is remarkable! Furthermore, its sales have gone up 33%, and Prada was, this year, everybody’s not just the devil’s favourite.

Fendi and Coach are the ranking’s new risers, while Rolex and Chanel make for two altogether exceptional study cases you can further read about in their respective dedicated articles. Let us have a merry new year and wish for an at least similarly creative and good 2014!


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