April 11, 2014

123 easy styling! 3 indispensable fashion-apps

We all know how sad it is when we have a real passion and just no time for it. And the crisis gets altogether serious when the passion in question is about clothes. It actually becomes a problem of… life and style!

top fashion apps

But in today’s complex world, few really terrible things can still happen. And all the more so when you have a formidable trio of fashion apps that allow you to enjoy, manage and expand your wardrobe on the go as well as dealing for you with all that you don’t have the time to get done yourself… How? This is how!

1. the inspiration source – Pose – it daily provides you with personalised outfits, taking into account preferences, as well as the weather

–          you can also follow other users’, some of them stylists, flux of ideas

–          all suggestions are directly orderable as well

2. the finding of that top – PS Dept. – gets you catered to by people from big department stores that trace down the exact item you’re looking for

–          once found, you receive its picture, confirm and purchase

–          shipping, returns and full refunds are all free

3. organisation, organisation, organisation – Cloth – are you feeling fantastic in today’s outfit? Did you get a lot of compliments? Is it the almost perfect look? Take a picture of it, give it a suggestive name, like ’’daily’’ or ’’restaurant date’’ and in no time you’ll have generated yourself an archive of proven hits to check into for just any occasion.

Simple, isn’t it?

top fashion apps

top fashion apps


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