August 1, 2012

10 Tips For Bigger, Brighter Eyes

Illuminate your expression with these 10 helpful tips on how to make your eyes look bigger!

1. Keep your brows well-groomed and they will brighten up your entire face. A pair of neat eyebrows can do wonders when it comes to framing your eyes.

2. Use a primer on your eyelids which will prevent your makeup from smudging and making your eyes look droopy.

3. Add some shimmer to the inner corners of your eyes, to reflect light. Use a highlighter pencil or a smidgeon of eyeshadow in shades like ivory, pale pink, or even sparkly white.

4. Never use dark eyeliner on your waterline. It will give the illusion of smaller eyes.

5. Don’t forget to curl your lashes with an eyelash curler, and when you do, be careful to not just grasp the ends of your lashes, but instead, go as close to the roots as possible. Curled lashes appear longer and give the illusion of bigger, brighter eyes.

6. Apply two coats of mascara, to define your lashes. Longer lashes that are full of volume frame your eyes beautifully.

7. If you apply eyeliner on your upper eyelids, make sure there isn’t a space of skin between the line and your lashes. After tracing a perfect line, don’t forget to fill in the gaps with the tip of your eyeliner brush. Also, make sure that the line extends upwards towards the outer corners of your eyes, otherwise, you’ll look sad and droopy.

8. If you like the smoky-eye effect, ditch the dark tones and go for smoky light greys and warm browns, which will make your eyes appear brighter.

9. Get rid of the dark circles under your eyes by sleeping at least 7 hours a night, staying hydrated and using a dab of concealer.

10. Hydrate the skin around your eyes by applying a nourishing eye mousturiser daily.

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